Where You Find Us?


We deliver now to the region and worldwide, committed to delivering everyday happiness to almost every house in this world.


You can also find us at:

~ Hashemite Kingdom of JordanVirgin Megastore, DNA Lifestyle, Dumyah.com,  Ali & Rama Gallery,  Dar Al Manhal Publishers,  The Outfit,  Al Shalati,  Chamber Gyld ,  and L’deco Shop.


~ Saudi Arabia (KSA)Virgin Megastore, Dokkan Afkar, Rawan Stationary.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE): Virgin Megastore, Hekaya Store (Sharjah) Blossom with love.


Oman: Virgin Megastore and Daisy Shop.


Bahrain: Virgin Megastore


Kuwait: Dar Ha’a Kuwait.